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Canvas Food Truck Inspired Salmon Burger

This summer, I’ve often found myself researching food trucks and food truck events for blog posts I write as an intern at RoadStoves, a company that helps kick start food truck businesses.  All of the research has led me to follCanvasow many food trucks with hopes of seeing that one will be in a location where I can “coincidently” run an errand in the area and “happen upon” a gourmet food truck.  That being said, I’ve tried quite a few trucks that circulate the LA area, which in turn inspired me to recreate a few of my favorites.  This week I recreated a salmon burger that I originally had at Canvas.

Canvas is a health and humsalmon burger and garlic friesane conscious food truck, where they work with local farmers to bring customer’s grass-fed beef and organic produce, as well as fres
hly baked buns and rolls from LA’s own Homeboy Bakery
.  What I love about Canvas is that with a diverse menu serving up everything, from mac ‘n’ cheese and Dr. Pepper BBQ to fresh veggie wraps, there is something for everyone! Canvas’s Salmon Burger is 6oz of Alaskan salmon, cooked to medium rare, on a Hawaiian bun with roasted pepper aioli, mixed greens, red onion, and tomato.  My salmon burger was an exact recreation and I even made a roasted red pepper aioli from scratch to maintain that farm-to-table characteristic that Canvas is known for.

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